Terms and Conditions:

License Agreement

The Casino provides the Player a personal, non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable usage license to use the Casino software and Internet gambling services. The Player has the right to use the software on any computer in which he/she is the primary user.

The Player can in no way copy any software, written materials, or artwork associated with the Casino. The license may only be used by the original Player and cannot be reassigned, leased, or transferred all or in portion to anyone. The Player may not make any attempt to discover the source code, reverse engineer, modify, decompile, translate, disassemble, or develop derivative works based on the Casino.

The Casino is protected by copyright laws and is in full title of all software, coding, text, graphics, pictures, audio, music, and video. Any unauthorized use, copying, or distribution is strictly prohibited and any violators will be prosecuted.

The Player agrees that he/she is solely responsible for all use of the Casino through his/her unique user name and password. It is the Player's responsibility to keep all Player names and passwords completely confidential. Any unauthorized use of the Player's user name or password is the sole responsibility of the Player and shall be deemed as the Player's use Liability is assumed by the Player.

The Player is responsible to verify the gambling laws that govern the jurisdiction in which the Player chooses to use the Casino software. The Player is responsible to act within such laws. The Casino is in no way intended for commercial use. The Player understands that he/she is only allowed to use the Casino to wager for personal entertainment. The Player understands and fully accepts that Random Number Generator (RNG) software will determine the outcome of all games. The Player understands that all messages, instructions, and responses sent to them from the Casino or Casino software are binding to the Player.

Credits in the Players account are used to place wagers in any of the games. The Casino reserves the right to refuse or limit any wager or Player. The Player may not place a bet greater than his/her Casino credit balance. All winnings will be credited into the Players credit balance. Deposits and withdraws may be made at any time through the Casino 'Cashier'.

The Casino reserves the right to withhold any payments if it suspects any foul play or manipulation with the Casino. Charges will be brought against any Player who attempts or is guilty of foul play or manipulation of the Casino. To preserve the utmost in security and to protect our Player's funds, the Player accepts that the Casino has the right to demand additional information and documentation to be able to verify that the Player is the actual cardholder.

Official Terms and Conditions

Participation in the Casino is solely open to Player's of legal age, in their country of residence, where it is not prohibited. Employees of the Casino, licensees, affiliates, distributors, wholesalers, and subsidiaries are not eligible to participate at the Casino.

By launching the Casino Software, registering an account, use and reuse of any account, acceptance of any prize, or participation in the Casino, the Player represents, warrants and certifies all of the following:

The Player understands that software free of errors is impossible to achieve. Should the Player become aware of an error or flaw in the software, the Player agrees to refrain from taking advantage of such error or flaw. Moreover, the Players agree to report any error, flaw or incompleteness immediately to the Casino in writing. Should the Player fail to fulfill his/her obligations stated in this clause, the Company or its assignees shall be entitled to full compensation for all costs related to the error or flaw, including any costs incurred to create a solution to the error.

Player may only operate one active account at any time. Players opening multiple accounts without first voiding their existing account are subject to being excluded from the Casino with all wins forfeited. In order to void an account, Players must contact Customer Support.

The Company will not be held liable for hardware or software malfunctions or bugs in any form.

The Player realizes that all the playing, betting and participation in any game is being recorded. The Player agrees that any discrepancies, disagreements, or problems of any kind must be submitted to the Casino within 5 business days of the said discrepancy, disagreement or problem. If no such notification exists the Player agrees that no recourse discrepancy, disagreement or problem exists and the Player has no rights or recourse and shall fully indemnify the Casino from any claims the Player may have for any reason whatsoever.

The Player is solely responsible for his/her actions concerning the laws and legalities of playing the games in the community and legal jurisdiction to which the Player is transporting the software and material of the Casino.

The Casino reserves the right to limit or cancel any Players account at the Casino's own discretion. It is recognized and agreed to by the Player that, in the case of any discrepancy whatsoever, management's decision on all matters will be final.

Any bonuses received by the Player will adhere to the following rules: All bonuses may be cashed out only after the wager requirement has been met - see the Bonus section on the Casino website for further details; If you withdraw before having reached the minimum wagering requirements, your bonus and winnings will be void; Bets placed on Roulette, Baccarat, Craps and Sic Bo do not count towards the wager requirement. $1 wagered on Blackjack and Pai Gow counts as $0.50 towards the wager requirement. If you receive free money at registration, it must be wagered 25 times, and you must provide ID as proof of age when requesting a cash-out. Players can receive free money at registration only once in the G-Fed family of casinos. Denmark & Danish Language players will receive one initial bonus, on first deposit, in the G-Fed family of casinos. China & Simplified Chinese language players will not be eligible for the $10 Free no deposit promo. Israeli players will not be eligible for the $10 Free no deposit or any bonuses of any kind. The aforementioned rules also apply for bonuses in Euros

Triple 7 Blackjack Bonus - If during your play in Blackjack you receive three 7's of spades for a total result of 21 your account will automatically be credited with a bonus of $5000.

All financial transactions are processed through our financial parnter Playworld Investments Limited, Nicosia, 1097, Cyprus, This Agreement, rules and regulations, or terms and conditions may be amended or modified by the company from time to time by posting all the changes in the Rules section on the website. The Player agrees to read this Agreement from the website each and every time in full, prior to connecting to the game server.

The Player understands and agrees to abide by all the terms, conditions, rules and regulations contained herein. In the case of any discrepancy between the meanings or wordings of any translated versions of this Agreement, the meaning and wording of the English Language version shall prevail.

Miscellaneous Information

Infolot Holdings, Golden Cairo, Golden Cairo Casino, the Infolot logos,the Golden Cairo Casino logos, are trademarks of Infolot Holdings S.A. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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